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Application Retirement

Achieve greater and measureable return-on-investment

Teaser Application Retirement

Spending 70% of your IT department budget on maintenance of legacy applications and data? You’re not alone. Here’s how we can help:

Differentiate with GDPR

Panoptic communications

Teaser GDPR

Most companies are heavily focusing on digital ways to excel in customer experience, facilitate collaboration and drive decision
making based on real time analytics. Along the way securing and governing data and content cannot be overlooked.
Drive customer privacy and differentiate with GDPR.

Electronic document and case management

Provincie Vlaams-Brabant


The Province of Vlaams-Brabant has made citizen services a top priority by digitizing it's administration. 

The provincial administration teamed with Panoptic and brought digital services to citizens and municipalities while supporting case management of multiple provincial matters, tightly integrating decision flows.  

Customer Cases and EDM



Gearing up towards excellent customer services.

Securex automatically manages and delegates internal workloads to case workers with digital case management services for business processes.

Study - E-Archiving Program

Gewestelijke Overheidsdienst Brussel


Digital has become the second nature of the Brussels Public Service to maintain high quality standards for citizens served.

By transforming paper based processes to digital case management, digital born documents are exploding. A perfect momentum to transform the paper based archive to a digital archive.