Case Management


Content Services

Most of your departments have document-intensive business processes in place. In a fast pace digital world these processes should quickly adapt to fluctuating market conditions. Dynamic and agile information management is essential in driving innovation but realizing this goal is quite challenging. Our case management solutions will improve your customer service and allow efficient optimizaton of your case expert tasks. Have all case elements available in a single overview helping you to make informed decisions.

ECM On Demand

User Centric Business solutions to collaborate securely

Content Services

Both personal and professional tools to sync and share files have entered enterprises. In order to utilize information as an asset, enterprises need the simplicity of consumer grade tools. But they also need extended functionalities whenever they decide to kick-off

Enterprise needs go beyond sync and sharing information internally and externally. The information must be a company asset, maintained in a secure and compliant way. To execute structured and unstructured searches, they want to add tags or attributes to documents and cases. 

An enterprise wants to store, access and share files but also needs collaborative editing, comments on documents and last but not least an enterprise wants to be sure all documents are validated by the correct person before they leave.

ECM On Demand enables use of standard applications, creation of extended applications or development of custom applications.

A fast kick-off and all the necessary functionalities in easy to configure, easy to use applications is what Panoptic wants to provide to you.

Digital Archiving

An Archive serving as your Enterprise Data Pool

Archiving Services

60 to 80% percent of operational data is inactive. Most organizations are simply keeping on to it afraid of losing valuable data. This is no use since data generation will outpace the capability of storing it. The key lies in information archiving strategies. Why would you maintain your static data in your business applications, with complex and isolated management? Your production application landscape should only be the tip of the iceberg, with an enterprise archive under the surface serving as a data resource pool. Archiving makes your data ëactionableí benefiting your organization in many ways by delivering information value and new perspectives by combining analytics and archived data sets. Learn how we can construct a holistic archive program, as a building block within your information management architecture.

Application Retirement

Use your budget for innovation instead of maintenance

Archiving Services

There has been a huge change in application stacks the last couple of years and this shift is still growing. Companies are modernizing their IT landscape embracing cloud, web technology and mobile devices. New technologies and applications running on different toolsets replace older applications but these aged and legacy applications are still operated to preserve data availability. 

Companies merging are confronted with a disparate IT landscape and application overlap. This is a perfect momentum to choose on which central platforms and applications to keep. Migrating data from one application to another is quite costly and time-consuming. This is why organizations often choose to keep the legacy application read only, allowing users to access the data. 

So the application platform maintenance burden has a context that is applicable to most organizations, a context that is evenly historical as up to date. The problem only surfaces because the growing volume of data requires companies to find solutions to classify and maintain their valuable data. As stated before, companies will largely benefit from adopting an ìApplication retirement strategyî to evolve along with the needs of your business. Controlling costs and keeping data accessible is a best of both worlds.