Documentum and InfoArchive

Many feeds, increasing needs

Content is continually evolving, information is not only found in textual documents, but also in collaborative and social information derived from multiple internet-connected devices. These new types of content feeds will keep entering your organization. Identifying and classifying content is more important than ever. With so much information around, the basics of ECM, managing your content as a single source of truth, are essential to delivering information and context.

Useful information will help organizations in driving new business models and keeping track with a faster pace of change in a digital world. Let us help you in defining and implementing your enterprise content management platform of the future.


ECM in the cloud

The tool that identifies itself as ECM in the cloud, and most analysts agree to that.

  • Box allows people to share information, to collaborate, to have information accessible via structured search,   to validate documents wherever he is.
  • Box allows everybody to access the correct information on the right moment whatever role he plays in the business process.
  • Box allows companies to create easily  their own lightweight case management systems, to keep their information save and compliant.
  • Box allows partners/developers to extend their system with the most cutting edge technologies using their platform to make it yours

Box is the ideal tool if you want a fast forward to collaborate around structured and unstructured content.