Medior Business Analist ECM

Profile description

  • Enthousiastic communicator bridging between business and IT
  • Conceptual and analytical abilities, gogin hand in hand with an emphatic approach
  • Afinity with ECM, EIM, Document management and Case Management
  • A team player with at least some initial project experiences are "must haves"
  • Experienced in functional analysis, development or project management are "nice to haves"

About Panoptic

Panoptic is not a technology company pur sang, but a company that offers solutions to all sorts of organizations.

We are mainly active in Enterprise Content Management and Enterprise Information Management. In other words, we advise companies on how to handle their documents, both short term through digitization of business operations and long term through digital archiving. The questions that concern us are for example which documents should be preserved and until when, how to organize this as cost efficiently as possible and how can all of this happen securily.

Panoptic builds these solutions using Dell EMC ECD software. They deliver the platforms with which our consultants realize and implement the solutions with the client and the end user.


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